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There are many products that work intensely on whitening your skin and promise all the results. Using these products helps lessen the high pigmentation in areas where melasma or uneven skin tone can be seen. There are natural and synthetic products known to be effective in lightening any skin color. You will learn how each ingredient works and which products are effective in whitening your skin.




Skin Pigmentation

The color of the skin varies from one person to another because the presence of melanin also varies in the skin. The skin color ranges from white to black with some having a pinkish glow due to the blood vessels found underneath the skin. Melanocytes produce the pigment called melanin wherein its production is stimulated by tyosinase. Moreover, melanin controls the amount of ultraviolet rays from the sun that penetrates the skin through absorption. UV radiation can assist with the production of Vitamin D but this can also damage the skin to overexposure.

Healthy Living Tools For White, Smooth Skin

Before trying topical products to whiten your skin, here are natural ways that can help you have a natural glow:

  1. Protect yourself from the sun — use sunscreen and try not to go in the sun for long periods between 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. That time of day is when the sun’s rays are their strongest. Sunlight on your skin is a great source of vitamin D but it it can also lead to wrinkles and skin cancer.
  2. Drink Water – drinking at least two liters of water per day can help wash out toxins in the body and keep out the blemishes. It moisturises your skin and keeps it fresh and glistening thereby enhancing its overall appeal. In addition, it helps maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and prevents dryness by detoxifying the skin. Hence, one should strictly avoid dehydrating foods and beverages such as caffeine (cola, chocolate, coffee, tea) and alcohol
    2. Drink Water
  3. Balance your diet. Eat lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, beans etc. Eating healthy along with taking in the right vitamins can do wonders for your skin. Avoid eating meat, fish, eggs, fried foods, white flour and white sugar products, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, including contraceptive drugs, and any other stimulating over-the-counter medicines.
    green and red healthy food
  4. Exercising properly can make your skin glow. Be sure to wash your face afterwards, sweat and dirt can clog your pores.
    4. Exercising
  5. Protect yourself from stress — both emotional and environmental stress.
    5. Protect yourself from stress
  6. Wear less makeup. Wearing too much makeup will be damaging for your skin in the long run. Chances are people don’t notice skin breakouts when they first see you. If you have to wear makeup, use natural and mineral makeup only.
    6. Wear less makeup
  7. Know your skin type. Different skin types need different types of care. It’s very important to know what type of care you need to get the best methods for clearing your skin. Here are some different skin types and their descriptions:
    7. Know your skin type.

    • Dry Skin. Dry skin usually has a dull appearance, feels dry and itchy and is sometimes sensitive. Dry skin must be hydrated regularly from the inside (with fresh water) and outside with (mists), as well as moisturized with rich hydrating creams or lotions.
    • Oily Skin. Oily skin usually looks slippery and shiny and has a greasy texture. This type of skin is prone to acne. Oily skin benefits from periodic herbal steam treatments and clay masks.
    • Normal Skin. This skin type is a gift. Not too oily and not too dry. Normal skin looks consistently plump, moist, and vibrant. What a great blessing but it still requires no less attention than other skin types. It benefits from regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
    • Most people have at least two different types of facial skin at any given time. The combination of skin is frequently characterized by an oily “T-zone” area, which covers the forehead, nose and chin. While the skin around the cheeks, eyes and mouth is normal or dry. These different types of skin call for different treatments, so people with combination skin should assess their skin regularly and use different products on different areas of the face.
  8. Don’t smoke!  Your skin is a large organ and it needs a lot of circulation.  Smoking impairs that dramatically.  That’s why smokers’ skin looks dull and gray.  Instead of having oxy-generated blood delivered to the surface of the skin, they’re getting poisons and oxidants.
    8. Dont smoke

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